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If you’re planning a construction project, excavation is the best way to ensure a smooth and solid foundation for your structure, and this is where a professional excavating contractor can come in handy. Trust the experts at Azuara Nay Excavation LLC to handle the job for you and ensure the success of your project. We’re in Buda, TX, and you can explore our services below.

Excavation Service
Excavation Service


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The foundation of your new construction must be installed on solid ground. Choosing a reliable excavation service is extremely important. Our team possesses the machinery and equipment to make the process a breeze and save you time. Thanks to our solutions, we will ensure the strength and durability of your construction and will provide you with peace of mind. Trust us for excellent results at affordable rates!



If there’s an old building in the way, it’s always better to demolish it and start a new project from scratch instead of trying to repair it. However, this task must be executed by professionals who know what they’re doing. Our team can ensure an efficient service promptly. We will eliminate the risk of injuries and complete the project safely. The old construction will be gone, and you can proceed with further activities. 

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Trees can also take up too much space sometimes, especially if you’re planning a larger project. We specialize in efficient tree removal to provide more space for construction activities. We can handle the job without damaging your surroundings and ensure we eliminate the trees. 

Ground Leveling

Ground Leveling

As mentioned, the ground below your construction foundation must be smooth and stable. Our ground leveling services provide a safe environment for the execution of your project and ensure long-lasting results. We possess all the needed equipment and tools, so all you have to do is entrust us with the task and let us demonstrate our professionalism. 

Truck Loading

Truck Loading

Once we’re done with our demolition and excavation work, all the leftover materials must be moved to another place to clear the site for further action, and this is where our truck loading solutions come in. We’ll remove all hazardous materials and debris from the area so you can continue working on your construction project. 

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The Benefits

Building foundation excavation is a process that can always go wrong if not executed by experts. A professional team like ours will not only save you time but will also make sure that the job is safely and properly done.

Client Testimonials

Very Impressed!

We worked with the team for building foundation excavation and were super impressed by their professionalism. We got prompt service, affordable rates, and a smooth process. I highly recommend the company!

How We Do It

At Azuara Nay Excavation LLC, we take pride in using only first-rate equipment and materials. It helps us handle each task quickly and precisely, ensuring long-lasting results and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Areas Served

We strive to deliver excellent commercial and residential excavation services to all our customers in Buda, TX. However, you can also benefit from our expertise if you are in any of the following areas:


  • San Leanna Village, TX
  • Shady Hollow, TX
  • Barton Creek, TX
  • Austin, TX
  • Rollingwood, TX

Contact us today for all your excavation needs, and let us ensure the success of your project!

Services List

  • Excavation
  • Demolition
  • Tree Removal
  • Ground Leveling
  • Truck Loading

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